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Murtaza Birlas
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He was selected for the Punjab provincial civil service in 1960, rose to be a divisional commissioner, and retired as member Board of Revenue in 1994. Throughout his career, he insisted on signing all official papers in Urdu. Such is his love and dedication for the language. Murtaza Barlas - in literary circles, he is known as a poet with a distinctive style in ghazal...                                                            
Aankh Kay Sautay Sukhai
Yaad Aaye Jo Mazi Kay Haalat
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Tesha-e-Karb (Ghazlein)
Izteraar (Ghazlein)
Irtaash (Ghazlein/Nazmein)
Aa kar galay say lag gaya ...
Dawn - Murtaza Birlas, A Distinct Poet
... he survived all these times serving in bureaucracy as well as writing poetry and working for the cause of Urdu language and literature. Wherever he served he organised all-Pakistan mushairas and Urdu conferences
Chaudhveen Raat Mausam-e-Gul Kee
(Romantic Urdu Poetry)
Zinda Ashaar (proverbial verses)
Birlas Beeti - Autobiography
(Under Publication)
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A Memorable Evening with Murtaza Birlas
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UAE Abu-Dhabi
An Evening with Murtaza Birlas and Family with Sabiha Saba and Sagheer Jafari
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Karvan-e-Adab UK
Shah Hussein Conference 2004
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Murtaza Birlas
Hosla Aye Jurrat-e-Izhar! Phir
Girah-e-Neem Baaz
Published 2008
He has an individuality which distinguishes him from his contemporaries. He is the one who conveys modern thoughts in the classical  form of poetry... The reader is overawed by the way he has used the old medium of expression to convey modern sensibilites. He paints the current scenario with rich colours which reveal everything but do not hurt.
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Murtaza Birlas - A Short Biosketch
Wo jo ramuz-e-ishq...